First some web links. As you will see I am working on Treasure Island. Scroll down to the bottom to see planning and resources.
You can download a mp3 of a dramatised treasure isalnd from here.
You will get a pdf file of Treasure Island from here so you can copy and paste parts of the book into a word document.
´╗┐Since first doing this unit i find that many new things have been added to the web and also that some thins have been lost so the links are dead. A good new link is this one from Wales.


It has taken ages but I am going to enjoy teaching it I think and will need to adapt it as it is a first time round teaching this book.

You ned this next file for day 1. I also have a Sue Palmer book which has good extracts from a variety of books showing how to read characters. Can't put that on the web though- sorry.

This next file is for day 3. I have children in my class who can read the original and those who can't. I am reading the original book to them but am adapting bits for those who need an easier text. I have adapted the bit where Hawkins meets LJS for a child with a reading age of just under 8 years. They will watch the film and then refer to the text to write their diary from LJS's point of view.

Below you will find a file for 7 days worth of early morning sentence writing. Mine write a sentence or tow and improve on it daily. They do this in a rough book and it is only marked by other children. There are prompts on the wall for how to judge interesting sentences.

below a link to a free play script of Treasure Isalnd starting at the apple barrel scene. You will have to scroll down the page to find it.