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I have found the C1 unit hard to prepare and there are far too many objectives. My class still need something daily on tables as they are poor on them, so each smartboard file does have something on tables.
The first few files are the unit details from Cleo for Y4 and Y5 as I have Y4 and Y5 children in the class.

Link below gives cm and m matching for weaker children
The hamilton trust has some suitable worksheets for this unit on
Next lot is mine. You do need the scholastic Y5 book to get the best from them.

below is only for vertical bar charts

They needed extra work on pictograms and I had some school events so days 6 and 7 are not completed as smart files. I have found that my class need an extra day on conversion of units before they go into word problems so am doing this on my day 8, which should be Scholastic day 7?. My Day 8 on this section is an observed lesson!!!

These work sheets range from Y2 work to challenging year 6 work. I wait to see how they work for the individuals. They will have a sheet backed by the harder version to go to if they can do the first sheet.

This lesson was way to hard for my children and probably my worst lesson all term!! The bottom group were OK and the middle but the top group had to jump to tens of thousands and that was too hard, although 9 of them were OK by the end of the lesson,
I am going to make another file which is easier, although having looked at unit D I have found that conversion of measurement continues into this unit.
One thing that I do feel needs to be continued is converting and then using the conversion and to have mixed situations. One of mine said-Oh you just add a 0 and obviously didn't understand what he was doing although all his answers were correct. I will put a starter into all of the next few lessons on conversion of units, but based on the theme of pirates.
So here is a new day 9 and new work sheets as well. Hope they work better this time. Will be back in a moment. My daughter is cutting my hair!!

Hair cut finished- so here is the file for the adapted day 9. I am looking forward to trying it.

I will have to look at the orginal lesson 9 to see if it's right or not. But will do that tomorrow night.

This next lesson should have been day 8 and it is on word problems.

Lesson 10 is the last lesson before half term so they are going to do an assessment. I will continue with unit C1 after half term. One weeks time to any American viewers. More should be posted on here by 27th 28th October, and then it will be on to unit D1.
Should really have added that I got great feedback for my observed lesson even if it was too hard. The starter was deemed excellent and the lesson was good because I continued to assess the kids enroute, including stopping them to reteach and also saying that next lesson we would be consolidating rather than going onto the word problems. Will go back to word problems later this term and will continue changing units in starters.