When you look further down the page you will find the smartboard files. They are labelled lesson 1, 2 etc and each file is meant to be used on one day.

vocabulary for unit

Multiply and divide by 10,100 by Agony Aunt

Useful smart board file as it has flash files in it to make random numbers. Not certain where it came from on the internet.

Found this somewhere and it fits this unit for place value.

this is super for sequences
and this for reading numbers on anumber line
Was sent this- thank you . for week2 or 3?

This will give you numbers in word to change to numerals. Be careful about the spelling as they spell forty as fourty. You can cut and paste from the pdf so you can correct this and it doesn't take too mauch time to do this.
Now I can start uploading some lessons for A1 that I didn't do last year. I have a mixed age class and have to check back to Y3 work at the start of the year until I know their ability. My school laptop is broken so I haven't put the spider showing the entire unit into this file. I will adapt them if I get my laptop back during the holidays.

Have put this in as an extra. You can adapt it to lower numbers if you need to or use the strips for an early morning activity during the week. The last 2 questions test another objective.
This file is riduculous but I am assuming that you will cut it down or copy and paste parts to make a worksheet. I have concentrated on on sequences as my class last year were poor on this.

worksheet on place value

link to interactive wordsearch of vocab
and hard copy of this

I found my children could add 2 numbers using a column method but not 3! I went to homeschool maths and made a straight forward practice sheet for them but also this missing digit sheet for my more able.