useful for infant level- designed for special school
Cool site of adventuregames for Y5
This is a link to Y6 mental tests on mp3
This link takes you to Lancashire and you can see the objectives for each block- the mixed age sheets are most useful for differentiation and knowing what the children have done in the previous year.
Lancashire and Cleo have loads of useful material- well worth exploring both.
Coventry has some super IWB links on this page
you can download some of th the Gordon's ITPs from here.
maths manipulatives from America - similar ITPs
on line dice
multi dice
Canadian teachers site with online worksheet generators.
What a fabulous site this is- so many things on it that I can't just put it into one unit.
A strange number square which is excellent for Y3 adding to numbers under 50
100 square to print out
this site gives grid method worksheets
I love suduko

I like the games on this site
Some more lovely games on this, including division and brackets
many powerpoints linked to old unit plans
A free site to schools but parents can pay to use at home.
mark wedell's free web page on fractions and deciamls and percentages
I haven't time to explore all of this website but there are really intereting things here
the following has many flash illustrations of mathematical concepts. Well worth looking at.
From Scotland- many interesting links
Lots on this site. It is aimed at secondary but there are things for us. I like make 24 with the brackets.
Interesting puzzle sites for children
Go to kenny's kangaroo pouch
and of course Nrich
for maths and music go here
absurb maths game