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The first three days are on time. I am continuing with times tables cos they aren't fast enough. I am also including a vocab page which I ask all sorts of questions around the words linked to this unit.
They are still finding reading scales hard and am going to get them to practice counting on with this.
or this
and am going to have a go at making different scales here and tippexing out numbers
best 24 hour clock I have found so far. Go to the kS2 maths page .Scroll down to the teacher's toolkit flash file.

a bus timetable

Found this somewhere and it is useful for SEN and you can alter the times.

Next couple of days are on co-ordinates
fun puzzle for first quadrant

This will help at the end of one of these co-ordinate days. Copy and paste it into the file.

Now for work on area
works sheets on area and perimeter here
interactive programmes on area and rectangle here. Will put the link ino the smart board files next year.
this next link is to a splat square. If the kids are going to find the area by formula they will need to multiply so I will give them some early morning practice using the number square. SEN will be given easy numbers to 20 and I will put all of those numbers in one colour. I will then choose different numbers for different abilities so that I can set the task on the black board. eg. blue numbers x23, pink numbers x7 green munbers x2 etc

If you want to explore the possible lengths and widths of a rectangle for a fixed area then try this applet.
This one is good for finding the area too
last link which gives factors. Would be useful for some kids to work at independently

Day 8 l.o.find the area of a rectangle and square by using a formula and by counting for LA.

Day 9. l.o. to find the lengths of the side of a rectangle by using factors and the knowledge of the formula

Day 10 l.o. to find the area of compund shapes made from 2 or three rectangles