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I have a real problem using the Scholastic book for A3. My class can all do long multiplication 2 digits by 3 digits ( bar 4 children) and do short division and are competent in long division by chunking. I put so much emphasis on learning their tables in the autumn term and on daily practice of the 4 rules that now I only need to concentrate on those 3/4 and pick up on other bits and pieces. The same applies to B3 so the files may be different from scholastic if I upload them. The few who are struggling are SEN or very young Y4 children as I have mixed Y4/5 class.

lovely little starter on ordering decimal numbers
if you want some work sheets on ordering decimals here they are

Have had problems getting my spreadsheet to work and am having to press ctrl and + to get the random numbers.
Have put some of the spread sheet onto this smartboard in case it doesn't work for you all.